Martelli’s Gourmet Italian Pastas

Best Italian pastas

Pasta was once a real problem for American cooks, it was surely gummy. Today tasting American leading brands revealed that this is no longer the case.

However Italian companies make many more shapes than the Americans, and in most cases there is a quality difference between Italian and American dried gourmet pasta.

So, choosing a particular brand becomes important.

Very near where I live there’s an hamlet on a top of a hill named “Lari” and known to visitors for its castle at the center (as you can see in the video below), and of course for Martelli’s family of pasta makers.

A little shop in “Lari” where they produce this famous artisan pasta, keeping the Italian traditions for more than 80 years, and today’s one of Italy’s best gourmet pasta on the market.

This video from Italian National TV RAI 1 had broadcast Martelli’s family on the program Linea Verde (green line).

This video shows you how they make their pasta, and all the artisan process which is involved.

I’m sorry for the Italian spoken, but you can easily understand just watching.

Martelli’s Family Great Pasta Makers

Pastai Martelli an artisan pasta producer from Tuscany region. A little town upon a hill named “Lari”, nearby Pisa where I live.

They produce 3 types of pasta available at Amazon store: penne, spaghettini, and maccheroni.

It may seem expensive, but the use of top quality wheat with a long traditional process followed by Martelli’s family makes it one of the best available today in Italy.

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